just dance

## years young / I <3 PANDAS / music / awkward / Happy , Free , Confused , and Lonely at the same time /


I listen to people I have been… And I think that’s what I would like to study including nutrition

Ready for college

Just really want to meet cool people
who I can actually trust
I will be more involved in school
I just want to find myself and where I am meant to be

I have no friends

I only talk to Wilber, josh, Juan and my other friend Juan who I never met before but he is so adorably.sweet lol and I can’t wait to meet him ..mostly because nobody wants to talk to me… Sorrynotsorry




The girl who was my elementary school girl friend just got engaged and I’m sitting here single wearing a pug shirt and hamburger underwear

Just remember, u r someone’s dream girl

I’m a boy

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can’t wait to have mornings like these with my darlin wife

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